Did you create an amazing page in WordPress or did you spend a lot of time designing it?
WordPress allows you to install useful plugins in order to make your on-going work on your WordPress website to be more efficient.

a lot of webmasters create a great page and after the creation, they want to use its template for creating new pages with less effort.

so I have very good news for my readers, there is a plugin that is right for your needs.
in this article, I will guide you on how to install the plugin and eventually how to duplicate or copy a page in WordPress.

Installing the “Duplicate Page” Plugin

First, when looking at the WordPress dashboard you probably can see a button that says “Plugins” – hover on it and then press “Add New” as the image below.

after pressing it, you will progress to the Plugins store.
now we want to search for the exact plugin – “duplicate page”.

Press “Install Now” and then Press on “Activate”.

Duplicating A page

After we activated the Plugin we are now able to duplicate a page in WordPress.

Go to “All Pages”

Now we need to duplicate the page we are willing to duplicate.

after pressing the “Duplicate This” you are going to see the same page duplicated.

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