Google Tag Manager is crucial for website owners who want to manage a few codes in one place.

With Google Tag Manager you will be able to install Google Analytics, Google Ads remarketing tag and conversions, facebook’s pixel and etc.

The main pro of using Google Tag Manager is the ability of you as a non-developer to manage the codes in your site without approaching the code itself.

as you already know, WordPress allows you to install useful plugins in order to make your work much more efficient.

How to get the Google Tag Manager Code?

First, Enter your Google Tag Manager dashboard.
now, press on “Admin”.

Once you progress to the “Admin” section you will need to press the “Install Google Tag Manager” as the image below.

On the next page, you will see the code of the Google Tag Manager,
The first code is for the <head> tag and the second code is for the <body> tag.

You can copy the codes and paste it in a notepad for later.

Adding The Google Tag Manager Code in WordPress

Now, we will install a plugin “Insert Headers and Footers”.
So we progress to the “Add New” under “Plugins” in the WordPress dashboard.

and then, we will search for “insert headers and footers”
Install it, and activate it.

Now we are able to paste pieces of code in the <head> or in the <body>

and paste the codes as the instructions in Google Tag Manager

“Scripts in Header” stands for the <head> tag
and “Scripts in Footer” stands for the <body> tag.

Now, you guys are able to manage tracking codes and more, through the Google Tag Manager without approaching the website source.

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