You’ve probably heard of Shopify before. Millions of people are talking about it right this moment, and even more, are using it on a daily basis to make a huge profit selling online.

Shopify is a web platform that allows you to create your own web store and sell your products and services online.

It provides you with a vast range of templates and tools to help you customize your eShop and to help you promote your brand to potential customers. 

Unlike traditional eShop platforms, Shopify allows users to create their own branded websites without having to use any design or technical procedures. In other words, you can use this straightforward eCommerce shop builder without necessarily knowing a programming language such as CSS, PHP or HTML5. Nevertheless, people who are familiar with CSS or PHP have the freedom to edit their templates and further customize them to meet their needs.

Vastly considered to be one of the best shopping platforms in 2019, Shopify offers numerous hot features and tons of high-end apps to speed up the processes and make it easy for customers to buy from you.

Shopify offers a brilliant inventory system to help you manage your store quicker, integrates customer score and multiple market research features and also allows you to sell cross platforms, including on Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Instagram. 

What can you do with Shopify?

Shopify allows you to sell your products or services to your target niche, right where they are looking for you. This platform is used by millions of people and businesses, ranging from small entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers to startups, large corporations, and even multi-billion-dollar conglomerates.

Because every business is unique, Shopify offers over 1,400 apps to help you sell quicker and better. These apps range from payment gateways and analytics tracking to SEO, abandonment cart recovery, multi-channel integration and transaction fees. 

How Ease is it to Start out on Shopify? 

The dashboard of Shopify is super simple and intuitive. Many WordPress users fell in love with how easy it is to use Shopify, and we all know that WordPress was mainly considered to be the most user-friendly eStore platform.

On Shopify, you have 10 free themes to choose from, and over 50 themes that cost anywhere from $140 to $180. All themes are mobile responsive and multi-lingual, meaning they will load extremely fast on mobile devices and will automatically translate the content into the language of the user. 

You can easily customize your theme and install powerful apps to help you streamline the functions of your store. You can basically start on Shopify using a 14-day free trial and then continue with just $29 a month.

Once your site grows, you can choose to go with the premium plans which cost $79 or $299 a month.  At the moment, there are over 1 million users on this platform, each having his own store. Together, all Shopify stores generate over $100 billion in sales. 

Shopify Features  The features of this platform vary from plan to plan. The key features that are available in all plans are unlimited products, discount codes, 24/7 support, free SSL certificate, abandoned cart recovery, and sales channels.

If you also want to enjoy gift cards, professional reports, and USPS priority mail, you need to upgrade to the $79 plan. The ultimate plan includes all of the above, plus advanced report builder, third-party calculated shipping rates, POS functionality, and real-time carrier shipping. 

On Shopify, you have the ability to sell both digital and physical goods to your target niche, using your preferred shipping method and using your own shipping rates. You can also integrate your store with PayPal and enjoy CMS functionality. You can also print your own labels for product shipping and enjoy a dedicated merchant success manager. 

Can you Make Money with Shopify? 

What’s truly amazing about Shopify is that you can not just sell online, but also offline. Using point-of-sale or POS functionality, you can sell in physical locations.

Moreover, you can sell your products directly on Facebook, on your Facebook page. Shopify is a great way to make money online and become rich.

By finding a good product or products to sell, you can easily make around $1,000 a month after just a few months. After one year, you can get to $10k a month, and after a couple of years, you might even make a whopping $50k a month.

Many affiliate marketers or regular people who had found a winning product have managed to make millions in sales on Shopify.