What is Sparktoro? This is a software-based company that facilitates people to doing better marketing. It provides a search engine to help organizations discover the target audience’s significant channels, publications, and people. Fishkin Rand and Casey Henry established the software company.

It was founded with a mission to simplify and facilitate the discovery of blogs, websites, publications, social accounts, and podcasts that extend to one’s audience. The company enables business owners to understand the minds of their target customers. This way, business owners can have an idea of what their target clients listen to, read, and think, among other things.

In other words, the software firm helps to distinguish different spots that warrant marketing investment. Such marketing concerns not only advertising but also organic references, authentic endorsements, content contributions, guest editorials, and partnerships.

Sparktoro can assist advertisers with recognizing the individuals and publications that impact their intended interest group. That can enable marketers to broaden their reach and investing in profitable marketing channels.

What is Sparktoro & Its Mission?

Since its inception, the company has helped many people to perform better marketing. Precisely, Sparktoro aims to help different organizations to accurately and quickly discover where their target audience spends most of their time and what they pay attention to.

That makes it easy for those organizations to carry out effective marketing. It is worth noting that buying ads on Google and Facebook may fail to work for many marketers. Sometimes, ads might make your marketing efforts less fruitful and interesting, as well as less creative.

Usually, buying of ads mostly benefits Facebook and Google, but the website owners receive little or no benefit. The great thing about Sparktoro is that it enables organizations to undertake better marketing. This is by making sources and publications that influence their audience.

Pros of Sparktoro

Uncover Fake followers Using Fake Followers Audit

Fake followers constitute phony accounts that have been set up to offer their capacity to tail another person’s record. A few brands and influencers have been found to buy these in measures of the 1000’s and even 10,000s. Erasing these phony records may be quite challenging because they are getting more difficult to distinguish.

Organizations that sell sham followers contract staff to upkeep these followers, so they look simply like a normal account.

Phony engagement is considerably even more problematic. Some companies specialize in trading engagements. You may have even heard about ‘commitment pods.’ This isn’t an organization, but users or influencers are engaged with the content of each other. This makes it seem as though they are getting more significant levels of commitment through attempting to game the social networking systems to rank them higher.

The tricky aspect of the accounts is that some people legitimize them by saying that they are simply attempting to get started with becoming more apparent to their followers.

But if a brand is evaluating their worth as an influencer and probability of changing over to client action, at that point, this is a commitment by individuals who are never going to be clients of the brand. It, at that point, turns into a phony sign of how the influencer is probably going to perform.

The good news is that Sparktoro offers some easy ways to know whether an influencer has some phony followers. The sparktoro fake followers account audit is accomplished through the Fake Followers Audit tool.

The tool helps to examine Twitter accounts to reveal fake followers, including bot, spam, and inactive followers. It estimates the percentage of the followers of a particular account. This is measured against four parameters:

  • Spam accounts
  • Inactive accounts
  • Bot accounts
  • Propaganda accounts

According to this tool, phony followers are people that you can’t reach. In order words, they are accounts that are following you, yet they are unreachable. Although such accounts were set up by real humans, they are untrue followers in the sense that they won’t read your tweets.

Retrieves information shared by active web marketers

Sparktoro offers a comprehensive list of links that are shared mostly by active online marketers. This is achieved using Twitter accounts of people who have connected with the Sparktoro Trending tool. The tools algorithm screens through all the URLs of tweets from those accounts.

The tool weighs the tweets of some accounts higher than others based on the worthiness of links shared previously. It is worth noting that Sparktoro Trending doesn’t use followers’ counts to weigh tweeted links.

Content Marketers

The content of your business must get to the right audience before it can receive the traffics, links, and amplification it deserves. Sparktoro assists business owners in identifying precisely the right publications and audience they require to reach. This will help business owners in prioritizing their pitch, placements, and outreach efforts for each campaign.

Social Media Marketers

Earning engagement and attention to social networks is not easy. However, if you get the right message, amplification, and target, this might give you some potential. Sparktoro helps its customers to execute on that potential.

This is by discovering the accounts that reach their target audience and letting them realize where they are and how to engage them. According to Sparktoro, combinations of customer campaigns and sparktoro data result in maximizing engagement, provable ROI, and reach.


The coverage and links that make sense are those that earn business owners boosted ranking and visibility. SparkToro helps its customers in finding exactly the sources that can link and target groups that they need to increase their website rankings, visibility, and traffic.

Reach target audience quickly

While your teams and clients may seek coverage in some publications, such publications may not get to your target audience. However, with Sparktoro, you can conduct research and use data to justify the podcasts, social accounts, and websites that are frequently followed by your target audience. Besides, Sparktoro helps people to know the platforms where targeted customers engage a lot.

Cons of Sparktoro

Limited to Twitter

Sparktoro analyses followers of Twitter accounts only. However, other social networking sites offer great engagements with organizations and people. These include Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These sites offer opportunities for organizations and businesses to form connections and popularize their brands.

Besides, businesses can use them to extend their reach and maintain good customer relationships. Therefore, Sparktoro is not comprehensive in terms of leveraging the opportunities offered by social media sites other than Twitter. This limits Sparktoro users to Twitter, thereby limiting them to just one site.

Is Sparktoro a Scam?

Sparktoro is not a scam; instead, it is a legit company that seeks to assist people to carry out better marketing. The firm achieves this some free tools that include Fake Followers Audit, Sparktoro Trading, and SparkScore.

Sparktoro’s co-founders Rand and Casey have previously worked in organizations such as Moz and Inbound.org. They bring their expertise together to make audience intelligence and market research available to everyone.

Whether you want to find out the publications that are read by your audience or what they watch, Sparktoro will offer all the information that you need to reach your intended audience.

The software company also helps people to know who their target audience follow and listen to. With Sparktoro, you need not undertake manual research or time-consuming and expensive surveys to know more about your audience. So Sparktoro is a legal firm.

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