Promoting your business is a troublesome task as in today’s world, the attention span of people towards a marketing pitch is cut short when the ad is not intriguing enough. The competition is tough because people are coming up with brilliant software and creative ideas to promote their businesses.

In order to keep up with the competitors and rise above them, you must resort to software that would help you in catching the eye of the public.

There are many ways out there that help in preparing the perfect marketing campaign, but the problem arises that they are too costly, which is a burden for many small businesses as budget is a sensitive issue for every newly setup business.

There are two major ways to properly market for your business one includes hiring a graphic designer to do your work or doing it yourself.

Graphic Designing

As we are living in the 21st Century, marketing is a major requirement if you wish to promote your business, especially small business owners are often overlooked because of their lack of budget to prepare a proper marketing pitch.

Graphic design has dominated the world of marketing because it is found in almost every advertisement around the world, albeit print media or digital; there is a graphic designer behind every ad, business logo, and animation that meets the eye.

The main problem with hiring a freelance graphic designer to help you out in marketing of your product is that they would charge you a lot of money, which would be damaging to a newly formed business running on a tight budget.

No doubt, graphic designing, and visual illustration have become a much sought-out field. Majorly because the world turned into a global village, everything was digitalized. One can even call graphic designing as a modern form of art.

t is an art that is taught broadly around the world, the problem persists that for a new business, hiring a graphic designer would cost a big chunk of the budget.

Doing it yourself

Many people would be reluctant to do marketing work for their company themselves, but it is a necessity when running on a tight budget.

Thanks to the internet, everything is within our grasp because of many animation creator tools that exist on the internet that creatively help people to promote the products that catch the public eye and appeal to them to purchase the advertised product.

Like many of these tools, Toonly is gaining the spotlight as an animated video making software new in the market.

Many questions come in the mind of people as to the reliability of a newly arrived animating software which does not allow a free trial prior buying but because of the massive positive response received after people bought and used Toonly led us to prepare this review.

Let’s Begin

This is a comprehensive review of the newly launched popular video marketing tool, Toonly, that is being praised by all-new businessmen as a revolutionary software that has helped them achieve great traffic on their website.

So let’s start with the basics,

What is Toonly?

Toonly, made by the developers of renowned software, Doodly is a video animation software that captures live-motion videos and creates them in creating animated videos without the need for any specific set of skills as that of a graphic designer, illustrator or an animator.

It is an easy-to-use, inexpensive drag and drops software, which helps in the creation of professional cartoonish videos.

The user-friendliness of Toonly makes it the best software out there for newly established businesses to create their own marketing front without the need to spend large sums of cash on a marketing staff.

It is a unique software that helps people, companies, and businesses to create professional videos for any niche or service they are providing in an intuitive and creative way without sacrificing professionalism in making cartoony videos.

It is fitted with backgrounds, images ( not stock), and animations that make the videos eye-catching and appealing to the watchers and compels them to pay attention to your advertisement instead of skipping it, which is majorly the case with most ads that appear on the internet.

What’s so great about it?

Toonly has revolutionized marketing by providing a ground to create amazing and professional animated explanatory videos without any particular skill set. This is an amazing concept to make video animation available to everyone with helping tools and pre-installed images that would help out in a video presentation making it more appealing to the viewers.

Easy to Use

It is easy to use so that anyone can create animated videos through the use of its tools without any prior experience. Thanks to the Toonly tutorials, there is not a single thing in which would be not understandable for a newbie in this field.


It is inexpensive, so it is the ideal choice for people who are just starting up their business and are on a tight budget. Toonly is providing a one-time payment offer and then lifetime access to a variety of pictures and backgrounds that would make your video very appealing and let you express the services you are providing or the product your company is selling in a creative and innovative way.

Interest Developing Animations

It is the best way to introduce your product to the world, in a way that has been rarely explored previously. What could be better than the creator of the product explaining what he is selling but not in a boring and old fashioned way, but a modernistic innovative way all thanks to the tool Toonly.

Variety of Preloaded Images

Toonly comes with many different kinds of images pre-loaded so that you can create beautiful backgrounds or add photos in your animation. To top it off, they provide regular updates and keep adding new images on a regular basis so that your viewers do not get bored of the same old background and images.

Easy to Export

The created video can be easily exported. This is one of the best features of Toonly, i.e., provision of a simple way to export your project to different social websites or input your website so that you can directly post there without any delay.

Ease in Usability

Toonly also provides offline access, so that means you do not always have to have an online connection to make an informative animated video. Other than that, once you purchase Toonly and gain access to the software after the one-time payment offer, you are given unlimited access for any computer to sign in and use your account.

This is a great feature provided by Toonly so that anyone can create a marketing animated video on the go without a requirement for an active internet connection or even carrying the same device.


No tool is without its share of problems; similarly, Toonly has its cons, like

No Custom Images

It does not offer to export custom images or your own animation which restricts the user to express themselves fully, yet the pictures and animations provided by Toonly are top of the mark and constantly being updated; being able to export custom images would be a super feature if added.

No Freebies

Toonly does not provide a free trial prior to purchasing the tool, which is an inconvenience for people who wish to check the tool they’re buying prior to spending their money on it. Although it is a great buy because its uses certainly outweigh the price being offered for the premium Toonly but being able to satisfy ourselves before buying the app is a feature we need.

Should You Buy It?

As you can see above, the pros of Toonly clearly outweigh the cons, hence making it the optimum tool for a person who started up his business and looking for a  creative way to market his product without boring his viewers. Toonly is a creative animation tool that will not let you down!

The main question still arises, exactly how much does Toonly cost?

The pricing is affordable and the best part about it is that it has a one-time payment offer, giving you unlimited access to hundreds of images and the ability to use it offline and on more than one device without the need to renew your subscription regularly.

The payment plan for Toonly comprises of three variants. The most popular being the Special package that is of $67 only, providing the buyer with life-time access to Toonly and most of its features.

The Standard and Enterprise packages are $39 and $69 per month, respectively. These packages are best if you wish for temporary use of Toonly and their services.


Animated video marketing is the future of marketing. It is revolutionary and the best way to introduce a product to the public without boring them with annoying advertisements.

This Toonly review is to benefit people that are starting up and looking for a creative way to advertise their services without the marketing gig eating up most of their budget. It is a revolutionary animation creator and an inexpensive tool to market.

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