If you are curious about the 12 Minute Affiliate system, then you aren’t alone. Many people have received emails about it and wonder if it can help them make money. We are here to help you find out if this program has value and if it is right for you.

In this 12 Minute Affiliate review, we will talk about the pros and cons of this product. That way, you can decide if it is worth your investment or not.

Overview of the Product: Is It Possible to Make Money on this Platform?

People have been asking, what is the 12 Minute Affiliate? It’s a ClickBank product that teaches you how to make money using affiliate marketing. In fact, it claims that it has simplified the process so that you can easily make commissions with affiliate marketing.

According to the sales page, it works in three steps:

Step 1:
You must log in and buy the product. The starting price is just under $10. If you like it and continue using it after the 14-day trial, you’re charged full price.

Step 2:
You’ll need to follow the checklist provided in the member’s area.

Step 3:
According to your budget, you’ll be ordering done-for-you traffic services.

These done-for-you options are associated with JVZoo, ClickBank, and Warrios+Plus affiliate networks. Therefore, the process of generating sales is supposed to be easier.

This system is designed to be easy to way to succeed in business online. You get:

Done-for-you Funnels:
With this system, you get a variety of affiliate funnels in some of the most profitable and hottest niches. These include making money online, weight loss, and personal development.

12-minute Setup:
Many have claimed that even a new marketer can set up the system quickly with copy/paste instructions. Though it might take longer than 12 minutes, some have done it within that short period.

Done-for-you Emails:
You’ll get many months’ worth of written-for-you follow-up messages. This means you don’t have to hire a copywriter or take on that role yourself.

E-Z Funnel Wizard:
It’s possible to create a customized affiliate funnel without using any coding and within about five minutes.

Done-for-you Traffic:
Traffic is the lifeblood of the online business. Based on your budget, the program will find this traffic for you. It’s impossible to know how it works unless you buy it, but the company guarantees a targeted niche audience in just minutes.

Private Community:
When you join, you can be part of its Private Facebook Community.

You’ll also have access to three different bonuses based on your budget and how much you spend.

Of course, the company makes the process look quite easy, and sign-up is straightforward. However, the earning part is not revealed at such an early time. It’s not know how you’ll earn money or when it will start. You should also be aware that the company claims it is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. Success is based on consistency and how often you use the program.

Plus, this product is quite new. The website itself was only created in October of 2018, and it didn’t start seeing a lot of traffic until March of 2019.

Pros and Cons at a Glance

The benefits of this program are that you get the material you need to learn, a trial period for under $10, and a money-back guarantee for the first 60 days of use.

However, there are some drawbacks, as well. You’ll find many upsells that come with questionable results/value, expensive upsells (over $800), and a small probability of conversion because of low-quality traffic.

Who Is This System For?

Though anyone can use the system, it is primarily designed for newbies. Those who want to start an online business wants an easy way to do it and something that will help them earn money quickly. The company that created the product say that this product is for those who:

  • Don’t want to write content or create their sales funnels
  • Wants to earn money online without having a service or product to sell
  • Are trying to make money online but haven’t been successful
  • Wants to earn commissions without dealing with support
  • Wants to receive a daily commission working online

While you can learn it all on your own and spend the time and effort to do so, you could just buy this system, which has everything done for you. It’s like buying a car; it’s much easier to buy the finished product rather than all the parts to put it all together yourself.

What’s in the Member’s Area?

There is a six-step checklist in the member’s area of the 12 Minute Affiliate program. First, you will create your account to get your unique link for promoting CB products. Then, you will receive an autoresponder when you click the arrow to the right. That video tells you how to set up the autoresponder. Many of them are paid services, so you will need to factor that into your budget.

After setting up the autoresponder, you’ll activate your 12 Minute Affiliate funnels. The unique ID you receive from the AWeber autoresponder enables the affiliates in a particular niche. Then, the last thing is to get the done-for-you traffic, which is all paid.

Of course, there are other steps involved, but you can see that it takes you through each one and helps you get everything set up.

Traffic Methods

If you don’t want to use the paid traffic packages, you can take a course to learn how to get free traffic. The E-books appear to be free and offer a variety of tips.

Price Structure

With the trial of $9.95, you can easily see what all there is to do here. However, there is a variety of upsells, ranging from $39 to $797.


What is the 12 Minute Affiliate? Is it a scam? No, we do not think it is a scam because you do get helpful and valuable information. You’ll learn how to use affiliate systems and can make money by being consistent and following the checklists. However, patience is key here, and you might end up paying over $800 for the program, plus the costs of running your Solo Ads.

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