An SEO audit can be considered as the evaluation of websites on their search engine optimization or scoring them on the basis of their ability to appear on search engine pages.

It is an important step to figuring out the popularity of your site and how far up the list you are when someone searches it on popular search engines. Everyone wishes to boost up their sites via backlinks and to get highly legitimate websites to provide backlinks; all this just to get a better position on the search engine page.

SEO site auditing will help you to evaluate how well your site is optimized for search engines because proper search engine optimization is crucial so that your article is under the public and better the optimization the higher your article will get; to know where your article stands as an SEO article, it is found out by site auditing.

An audit report can be a one-page list of a few considerations in a multi-page and detailed analysis. Most companies providing SEO services use tools to produce a basic audit report that is not all that reliable. A detailed and in-depth analysis by a reliable SEO tool that can provide a study of in-depth analysis is the best way ahead.

SEO audit evaluation is the primary and crucial step towards the success of your search engine optimization. The report should provide a detailed review of where the company is now in the area of off-site and on-site optimization.

Each SEO firm should provide its clients with an audit as a reference point to measure their search engine optimization Upon reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of a website, it is only then when you can identify the approaches needed to improve your search rankings and overall exposure to appear above other articles on the same subject in a search engine.

A reliable SEO auditing tool is a requirement because it will help you to analyze what is holding your article back in terms of SEO.
In this guide, we will discuss the top 5 free SEO site audit tools!

SEO audit tool at Seomator

The Free SEO audit tool at SEOmator is one of the best free methods to evaluate your website’s standing as a search engine optimized website and how it ranks on popular search engines. Through SEOmator you can get a free online site audit, that and under 3 minutes! Only 3 minutes to test out how your site stands.

You simply have to paste the URL of your site in the Website box and press submit, under 3 minutes you will get detail reports on the strengths and weaknesses of your website that makes it stand at the position it is standing on the base of search-ability.

SEOmator performs basic tests that include text statistics, HTML tags, Page speed when searched on Google and the quality of the content in your website, if the content is low quality or any other factor which is weakening your article, then it will be highlighted; allowing you to quickly fix the errors and revaluate to check where it stands now after that you have fixed the errors.


Woorank is another free SEO site audit tool which has made its way into the top 5 free SEO audit sites, it is not technically free but they offer a free 14-day trial so that you can check their site prior to purchasing and make yourself familiar with the tool being provided by Woorank.

When you paste the URL of your website and press the ‘Try it for Free’ button, then you receive actionable insights on your further proceedings which will help you increase your stats at popular search engine searches.

Woorank is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use tool that would analyze every SEO aspect of your website and provide you with a detailed, in-depth report on the errors that need to be amended while tracking real-time progress of your website. This will provide valuable insight into your website rankings and allow you with the power to amend the mistakes that are bringing your site down.

If you require an SEO checker from time to time, then it is best to buy the SEO audit tool at Woorank because of its numerous benefits in the long term will help the user out in determining an in-depth analysis of your website while being easy to use and found to be the perfect tool for webmasters!


Site checking is a requirement when you wish to improve your website’s rating as an optimum SEO website. Sitechecker is one of the best free online SEO audit tool on the internet which checks your HTML tags, content and size of your website to determine its SEO-friendliness and how well it pops up when searched on a popular search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Sitechecker will help find images of optimum sizes to fit in your website and make it more SEO-appropriate.

Other than that Sitechecker will help in determining any contextual or technical errors that may be restricting your website for a high-rank search engine optimization. Sitechecker will perform a deep internal and external scan of your webpage checking all kinds of errors and provide you with a score on how well your website is optimized to be searched o google while also checking speed on both the desktop and mobile versions of your site.

The audit report prepared from Sitechecker will be comprehensive because your entire pasted URL will be scanned from top to bottom, ensuring no errors exist in the HTTP status of your site. The Uniform Resource Locators will help in finding any kind of errors that may be persisting in any page of your website. The web traffic tracker is also beneficial in determining where your web traffic is being redirected at their every click so that you can fix it according to your liking.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

Neil Patel is a widely known website dedicated to perfecting SEO articles and tips on how to improve your articles to be SEO appropriate. Neil Patel is also providing an SEO analyzer which is one of the best free online SEO audit tools to help you analyze your website and get a comprehensive report for required amendments that would increase your search traffic. The SEO analyzer at Neil Patel SEO Analyzer will help point out any errors that might have been missed by you. These errors will be highlighted in an in-depth, comprehensive report so that when you fix them, your article will be more SEO optimized; this will result in increased rankings.

The SEO checker will scan your website and provide you with a list of errors that are holding you back on popular search engines. The errors will be listed based on the Difficulty and impact it has on SEO which determines how it is affecting the traffic that comes across your website.

You can analyze your website and correct the errors and to see if the correction is done properly; you can re-run the report to see if you have missed anything.

The backlink checker is also an important tool to analyze your website’s standing as an SEO site. With the help of this tool, you can easily track your domain score and metrics of your overall traffic. You can also paste your competitor’s link to see how is it different than yours with a link by link comparison capability.


SEOptimer is another SEO audit and Reporting tool on this list which is providing its customers with free website analysis, it also comes with a Premium account for those who wish for further analysis and tools to perfecting their articles. SEOptimer realizes that search engines work on particular requirements which, when met, will boost the articles on their pages and make it easily available to the public eye. By getting a free audit report from SEOptimer, you will be provided with a prioritized list of the recommended changes needed to increase your SEO compatibility. It is a simple tool and very user-friendly to help fix the errors on your website and check the traffic impact at costs lower than competitors.

The SEO tool at SEOptimer will monitor keyword rankings and highlight errors in the HTML tags; generating a PDF of a comprehensive SEO audit report in no more than 20 seconds.

SEOptimer is multilingual, helping people that understand other languages better to fix their articles. As everyone is not native in English and many technical terms may go over the heads of many non-native English speakers, which is why SEOptimer is providing language customization options to help people create a friendly layout that would help them understand it easier.


Every website owner in the world desires his site to be at the top of the recommendations on search engines. People pay a huge amount of money on keyword placements, traffic monitoring and backlinks, but they fail to realise the importance of SEO site audit reports that evaluate how well the site is search engine optimised. Thankfully many great free online SEO audit tools are available to aid website owners in finding and fixing their errors on their websites to improve their SEO rankings.

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