Many of you out there are interested in making money online but are clueless on how to make your dreams a reality. There are many different online business models and not all of them involve selling your own products and services.  If you’re uncomfortable with such, this article will show you internet business that you can do that don’t involve such.

It’s not necessary to know how to write code or be a computer whiz to make money online. But you have to work hard at it and put in the effort in order to be successful. A website is also necessary to run an online business.  Here are three ways to make money online without having to get your own products or service to sell.


This necessitates you being an affiliate who sells other people’s products and services through your website with a percentage of the sale or a pre-defined fee being your compensation for your efforts. Many retail companies of all shapes and sizes have affiliate programs that offer an array of products.  But instead of selling the general goods and services that established retailers offer, you can sell ‘niche’ products that have a smaller target audience that you can reach more easily than the big boys.

One example of this is selling fishing equipment to people involved in bass fishing rather than selling general fishing equipment. Many big retailers don’t deal with these specialized products as it’s not profitable to them so they prefer to sell general products to the populace. But small individual retailers can offer these specialized products to those involved with them as it’s easier for individuals and small entities to build the relationships needed to deal with these small band of aficionados.  One place you can get your feet wet in the affiliate marketing world is Commission Junction ( There are many products on their site that you can start with.


This involves making money online through people clicking on adverts placed on your website. It is an advertisement program from Google and it’s one of the most prevalent and the biggest of its kind among search engines. Google will give you the most appropriate adverts for your website based on what the site is all about.

To participate in the program and set it up to make money online is simple. You place an AdSense code on your site and leave the rest to Google. If you get a lot of visitors who click on the adverts, you can make a lot of money.  Make sure your site appeals to a targeted audience, preferably a niche audience which would increase your chances of success with this program.  You can also place individual adverts for sale on your site, set your terms and prices.   


This is a good way to make money online especially if you’re starting with little capital. Write on a subject you’re familiar with, providing information on the best way to go about that subject. Make sure you write the e-book with the intention of solving a particular problem.

   An example is an e-book on taking care of your dog or handling simple faults in your car. Information products are always in high demand and make high sales as they are a response to various challenges people are finding solutions to.

To start on this path, research the resources you will find when you do an online search about e-book writing or creating information products. You can place your finished ‘how-to’ e-book on which offers a platform for the sales of information products. There are also other platforms like where you can sell your e-book.

The main thing you should have in mind when trying to make money online is solving people’s problems. Once you can focus on this, you will be successful. Ensure you have a good website. Pick the right online business model that you’re comfortable with. Look for the right audience and be creative in your offerings and promotion.  Do these and put in the hard work and you will have an increased chance of being successful.   

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