Affiliate marketing has become the talk of the town with so many people out there selling ‘hacks’ and ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes to the public with the front of affiliate marketing.

In our daily lives, we see advertisements of people becoming overnight millionaires thanks to affiliate marketing. None of us would like to work a desk job till our deaths, it is dull, boring and doesn’t pay enough to lead a luxurious life, so the face when someone introduces a job that requires low effort and a hefty sum of money, well then it intrigues us doesn’t it?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a commission-based job which mainly revolves around promoting businesses and their products when eventually a customer buys the product through a referred link, the affiliate marketer is paid by the company whose product they sold.

Advertising and marketing have taken the world by a toll because every organization out there needs proper advertising to sell the most products.

Every company big or small requires a certain level of marketing and hires affiliate marketers according to their budget. So if you were to step in the field of affiliate marketing and get hired by large companies to sell their product, your commission is also greater.

Affiliate marketing has been found through research to be a great career path, people can make it a permanent job or work part-time as an affiliate marketer to earn a handsome amount of money.

It is a great field to work on because it requires no prior investment or storing of inventory; you are paid on commission bases to the number of people you refer to purchase a company’s product. So the more audience you attract, the more you will earn.

Is it a Scam?

The biggest question on affiliate marketing is the question of credibility. Many people out there are posing as big-time affiliate marketers, offering courses to the general public and register for online videos that would supposedly make them ‘filthy rich in a matter of minutes’.

Affiliate marketing is a great field to pursue as a career, but because of the scammers online that loot people of their hard-earned money all in the name of affiliate marketing have given the people trust issues on the field of affiliate marketing itself.

Everyone wants to pursue a career in a lucrative field, but no one wants to get scammed in the process, which is why people tend to stay away from affiliate marketing or internet jobs as a whole.

This is why they miss out on great opportunities because of their fears of getting conned. The key to not get conned is properly research on the topic prior to investing your time and money on it.

It is completely justified if a person wishes to be aware or question the way he is going to earn, but denying affiliate marketing as a whole because of scammers on the internet who promise ‘hacks to get rich quick’ is absurd and is bringing down the reputation of affiliate marketing.

Based on everything said above, the main question arises.

Can affiliate marketing be a career?

A lot of people out there still haven’t been introduced to the lucrative field of affiliate marketing. The fact that some people that were introduced are earning a hefty amount.

Not like the internet scammers that guarantee overnight millions of dollars. It doesn’t take a genius to know that such claims of making money are absurd. Affiliate marketing, like any other field, requires hard work, determination, and dedication.

Experts like John Crestani, say that you should not leave your current job for affiliate marketing until and unless you haven’t made your roots strong as an affiliate marketer.

A person with great creativity can appeal to the public and compel them to consider a company’s product. The more products he will sell, the more commission the company will give him for every product sold.

It is a simple advertising gig and the reason it is so successful is that most of the people out there are not fully introduced to this profitable field.

It is imperative to know all the steps when making your way as an affiliate marketer, creating sales pages and capturing the public eye require skills; the ability to write in such a manner that would relate to the customer on a personal level is an art and that is exactly what the money is for, in affiliate marketing.

Success is never guaranteed, so never listen to someone that says otherwise, it is also advised not to throw your money away learning affiliate marketing courses online.

Not all courses are scams but some are actually helpful too! They don’t come at an absurd cost and they have a large audience to back them up which is enough to make you believe their legitimacy.

So if you’re planning to make a career out of affiliate marketing then things are in your favor as not a lot of people are given exposure to this field and if you follow the right path; It is one of the most profitable fields in the world that earns you a handsome amount without requiring to invest anything.


We are living in the 21st century, at the height of technological advancements. There is nothing new about earning money online or from the comfort of your home.

The best part about working online is the little to no investment involved, but the biggest problem with these jobs is the scammers that give people trust issues on online marketing businesses.

The fact that a large amount of population is still unaware or stays away from affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for enthusiastic people to jump in this field with minimal competition and make their way working in marketing sectors of organizations; earning a hefty amount through commissions alone.

Affiliate marketing is found to be a great way to earn online and with the right path, everyone has the power to earn a great deal on a daily basis after being introduced in this field.

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