Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make extra money as a website owner or blogger. All you need is the referral link of the business, and you get commissions for every successful purchase via your link — no need to have a product, your inventory, or even bother about overhead costs.

However, as easy as it sounds, you need proper training from the right sources if you want to make as much as six figures monthly. According to, Jason Stone, known on Instagram as the Millionaire Mentor, made a whopping $7 million in sales as an affiliate marketer within a year.

This is proof that affiliate marketing is a thriving industry. If you’re going to make money through affiliate marketing, you need to understand that the game changes regularly and stay up to date. Now that you know a little bit about affiliate marketing, you, as a blogger or a newbie, need to keep in tune with a program that can help you maximize this opportunity.

A variety of programs are available, and one of the most popular ones today is Affilorama. This article takes you through a detailed Affilorama review, telling you everything you need to know about this training program. Is it worth your money? Time to find out.

What is Affilorama?

In 2005, Mark Ling, who is a famous affiliate marketer, created an online course designed to be a one-stop-shop for everything affiliate marketing. He named this Affilorama. Affilorama incorporates training lessons for both newbies and experts on how to maximize affiliate marketing. The training classes are in the form of detailed articles and videos. Since its inception, there has been a variety of upgrades to their packages and tools, with hundreds of thousands of people using it worldwide. So, how does Affilorama work?

How does Affilorama work?

Affilorama has a simple interface that consists of thousands of videos. There are five different subscription options, with the first one being free membership. Without any fees, users have access to videos spanning across hundreds of hours, all explained by Mark Ling. Apart from the videos, there are also written materials to guide subscribers through the Affilorama affiliate path.

Affilorama tools

The Affilorama tools termed AffiloTools integrates with google analytics, bing, Facebook, Twitter, Moz, Semrush, Clickbank, Enom, NameCheap, and much more. Data is a powerful tool in today’s word, and Affilorama tools help you stay in touch with whatever is happening on your website at all times. With this, you have access to your relevant data all in one place. Here are some things you can accomplish with Affilorama tools:

•    Track your SEO ranking to understand how search engines are viewing your content. By knowing how you rank in search engines, you can incorporate better SEO practices to keep your website among the top search results

•    Find out which keywords are important to your site with the use of actual traffic data and rankings

•    View your rankings according to different search engines and regions. Rankings may differ based on locations, and you can have tailored data at your disposal with Affilorama tools.

•    Want to track how well social media is helping your affiliate marketing sales? The Affilorama tools help you view how effects your efforts are.

•    Backlinks are also crucial in affiliate marketing, and Affilorama affiliate tools help you view which ones your competitors are using and how you can beat them.

Affilorama Products

Affilorama has five significant products that are tailored for users based on their budget and level of experience.

Free Affilorama membership

There is a common notion that because it’s free, then it won’t be that good. However, this is not the case with Affilorama. The free Affilorama membership is quite impressive due to the vast number of quality training materials all available for $0. The free membership gives you access to:

  • About 25 hours of exclusive training videos
  • Detailed articles and blog posts showing the step-by-step process in affiliate marketing
  • Interviews from other successful affiliate marketers where they give details on their journey and working tips
  • Basics on being an affiliate marketer, including search engine optimization, content creation, and creating a website

In summary, the Affilorama free membership takes you through the initial setup.

Premium Affilorama Membership

Of course, this is an upgrade from the free membership. While the free membership product teaches the basics, the premium product gives a more thorough training on the rudiments of affiliate marketing. This premium plan costs $67 and here are some of its features:

  • More than a hundred hours of videos available
  • Extra membership Affilorama tools
  • Training on product creation
  • Bootcamp training on an affiliate blog
  • An exclusive members forum where subscribers can discuss with like-minds on problems and solutions

Affilorama Affilo theme

Apart from the free and premium Affilorama products, the Fffilorama Affilo theme package is available for anyone who needs this extra boost on their website. Although, it is not entirely necessary, especially if you are still trying to find your footing in affiliate marketing. For $97, it is quite expensive and may not be worth it. however, here are its prominent features:

  • Pop-up generator
  • Header creator
  • Compression page
  • Hiding of Affiliate link
  • Templates for a subscription form

While these features are impressive, you shouldn’t consider this if it is not within your budget.


The Affiloblueprint product is designed to show you the complete process of how Mark Ling built his affiliate website from scratch. It consists of hundreds of videos, all showing guidelines that you can follow easily.

It covers a wide range of topics, including ranking and writing quality SEO contents. While you may be thinking that it is similar to the premium membership, the difference is in the extra details. For easy understanding, each video comes with a task that you are expected to do, and with the excellent quality of the videos, there is no doubt that you will gain a lot. However, the discouragement is in the price.

For a whopping $197, this could put quite a dent in your pockets. Although, this is only a one-time subscription fee that gives you instant access to a month of free premium membership. So, if you want to enjoy the educational package without subscribing to the premium membership, then this is perfect for you.

Affilo Jetpack Affilorama

If you don’t have the time to watch all the videos and read long articles, then Affilo Jetpack helps you solve this problem. This Affilorama product does more than 70% of the work while you contribute just a little of your time.

Using this product, you can make money without putting in as much effort as is required in the other subscription plans. Priced at $497, you also have to buy a personal domain and register for an automatic response service.

Although it is quite tempting to opt for a product that makes affiliate marketing a lot more comfortable for you, you could be losing out on the chance to learn new things and experiment with them till you get it right. This is, after all, what the learning process entails.

Pros of using Affilorama

•    You can get started without paying any fee and still have access to all the courses that will help you find your feet

•    Affilorama is a very detailed source as all the videos are comprehensive and take you through all the rudiments of making money online using affiliate marketing

•    The membership forum, which is also available on the free plan, gives you access to support from other members. This is quite useful when it comes to finding out what has worked for them and finding solutions to the minor glitches you may come across during your learning process.

•    If you would like to opt for the premium Affilorama plan, this is affordable •    With the premium membership, subscribers have instant access to Affilorama tools, hosting services, and a lot of other tools that can help you start a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Cons of using Affilorama

•    Due to a lack of updates for some of its training sections, subscribers will view some outdated information, such as private label rights.

•    Although Mark Ling is the owner of this website, not all your questions will be answered by him. However, there will be other members of the support team to attend to your queries.

Is Affilorama a scam?

The simple answer to this question is no. The best way to tell is in the quality of its free membership. Affilorama doesn’t hoard quality content. Without paying a single penny, newcomers have access to a ton of useful information. It has a properly designed interface with videos that are easy to follow.

Those who have no initial experience with affiliate marketing will come out feeling more confident. For an affiliate program that gives you access to market research, content creation, innovative ideas for marketing your products, tips on how to attract visitors with SEO, and how to build an excellent website for free, then this is not a scam.

Just as it is with a lot of things, you need to be ready to invest money to get the best out of learning. You can find the best information when you subscribe to the premium membership with $67 and pay $1 for one month of trial. However, if you can’t afford this, then the free option will give you the necessary boost. All in all, this concludes our Affilorama review, and it is worth the hype.

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